Gift Tag Program 2009

Click to see the 2009 Advance Christmas List (pdf file)

Gift Tags for “holiday wishes” for the following children listed will be given out at the Nov. 21/22 and Nov. 28/29 weekend masses. All Gift Tags items are due back to Sacred Heart by Sunday, December 6th. It is a tight window…I know! Call me if you want to be assigned a Gift Tag now, or to make a donation.

All gift cards are requested to be uniform in the amount of $50

Cash/Check donations are welcome in any amount. Please make checks payable to Sacred Heart with the memo field indicating Covenant to Care. Please mark all envelopes attention: Claire Crane

It is helpful if clothes come with a gift receipt for an exchange, if the item does not fit.

Do not wrap anything, as the state must inspect everything. Please put your items in a gift bag. Teenagers that are just asking for the gift card…please feel free to have fun adding in a couple of inexpensive accessories or a CVS/Walgreens card for make-up, etc. Food is not allowed. I am always amazed at everyone’s creativity and generosity. I encourage families to share a gift tag. The goal is to end up with an even distribution between siblings in a family. We all know how brothers and sisters compare!

Please do not assign yourself a gift tag… you must call me or physically pick up a tag on the dates listed above. THANK YOU!

God Bless,
Claire Crane
Click to see the 2009 Advance Christmas List (pdf file)

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