Thank You!

Thank You…

To the wonderful people (the Purple Pork Masters) who prepared the food for the BBQ Bash:

John Viscogliosi & his cooking partner Kevin Rundell

Lori Calabrese – Debbie Viscogliosi (J’s wife) – Tony Viscogliosi – Andrea Calabrese – Katia Ruesta – Frank McCarthy

The Purple Pork Masters deserve a “10” in my book!

Thank you to all the wonderful people who cooked and baked and brought all the wonderful side-dishes and desserts

Thank you especially to Richard & Diane Forrant who donated the Birthday Cake

Thank you to the Fitton Hose Company who graciously set-up and provided their excellent tents!

Thank you to all the Volunteers for my BBQ Birthday Bash

Armstrong, Chris
Armstrong, Linda
Augustyn, Joann
Augustyn, Joe
Bernabucci, Rella
Bernabucci, Rich (Set-up & Clean-up)
Bosse, Odette
Brown, Joseph
Calabrese, Lori
Chaffee, Josh
Condon, Alyssa
Deraleau, Larry
Golnik, Ernie
Kurban, Judy
Kurban, Mike
Moses, Thad
Newton, Kim (Set-up & Clean-up)
Ostrowski, Sue
Perodeau, Carol
Perodeau, Paul
Powell, Matt
Powell, Tom
Powers, Josh
Rice, Sandy
Ruesta, Jorge (Set-up & Clean-up)
Ruesta, Katia (Set-up & Clean-up)
Ruesta, Kelly
Ruesta, Kiara (Set-up & Clean-up)
Selinsky, Bob
Selinsky, Patty
Sullivan, Judy
Valli, Donna
Webster, Larry (Set-up & Clean-up)

… and anyone I may have inadvertently missed

Thank you to all of my family, relatives and friends who came to help me celebrate.

Thank you to my Sacred Heart family for their love, care and support which made # 70 so special. Thank you for the many gifts, cards, prayers and best wishes that came my way.

I hope everyone had as good a time as I did. Even Mother Nature cooperated! It was a wonderful day and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I love you all!

Father Stan

(Click for a list of music to which one might conceivably party and eat BBQ )

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