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  • To email any of us, use our FIRST NAME before (the “at” sign) and sacredheartchurch (dot) net

Father Stan Szczapa is pastor of Sacred Heart Parish in Vernon. In addition to caring for the spiritual needs of all those who come to Sacred Heart, he is also the administrator of the parish who leads and presides over the parish and her staff. To email Father Stan, see above… (fatherstan [the “at” sign] …)

Larry Deraleau held the position of Sacred Heart’s Deacon: now retired. Larry was active in the ministry of Deacon for over 25 years, and was active in ministry long before that. Deacon Larry brought to our parish family a wide range of experiences both in the community and within the larger church. The legacy of his ministry still shapes Sacred Heart’s journey in faith and will continue to bear fruit long into the future.

Rella Bernabucci was our most recent Pastoral Assistant and Director of Religious Education. Rella oversaw a multi-generational and fully-inclusive Faith Formation process that includes Youth Faith Formation, Adult Faith Formation, Youth Group, Peer Ministry and the Catechumenate, and is Pastoral Assistant. After 17 years of awesome service to the parish, Rella is now enjoying a well-earned retirement!

Sandy Rice is Sacred Heart Parish’s “Ministry Enabler,” covering a wide range of support roles at Sacred Heart. Sandy can sometimes seem to be found in several places at the same time while she performs a wide range of important roles behind the scenes. To email Sandy, see above (sandy [the “at” sign] …)

Ernie Golnik assists in defining and shaping the parish’s shared liturgy and worship experience, and provides music at our celebrations. He’s also the website and bulletin point-of-contact. To email, see above (ernie [the “at” sign] …)

Parish Ministry Offices
Located in the Red House on the Parish grounds at 550 Hartford Turnpike, Vernon, Connecticut, 06066. (Beware of the dog.)

Office Hours: Someone is generally available to receive you in person or answer your call at the following times:

  • Tuesday through Friday – 9am – 5pm
  • Any other time convenient to you by appointment.
  • Offices are ‘closed’ on legal holidays and church Holydays.

But please note: At some times the offices must be unexpectedly closed, for example, so that we can carry out our pastoral responsibilities in other places as needs demand. But even more often you will find that the Pastoral Team is on the campus at times in addition to these normal office hours. Especially if your visit involves travel, you may wish to call ahead.

Call anytime. The parish phone number is (860) 875-4563 and private voice mail is provided for each person in the office. You can call at anytime of the day or night, or if you prefer, you can fax the parish at (860) 872-2535.

Bulletin notices can be emailed, faxed, or mailed to the parish – but they should be in writing and must be received no later than 1 week before the weekend of publication. To email your bulletin stuff, see above (bulletin [the “at” sign]  …)


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